PTF Water Filter Overview

The AquaFre PTF Water conditioner is made of two parts: a cylinder made of stainless steel and an inner core of an alloy made of noble and semi-noble metals. The device is installed at the water line and connected with a ground wire. When water flows through the water conditioner, weak electrical fields are produced by an electrical potential difference between the unique alloy core and the metal cylinder. These fields and vent-uric effects stemming from the unique configuration of the core prevent the adhesion and cohesion of the mineral particles. 
hydrodynamic forces separate the molecules which bind mineral particles. Thus the mineral particles flow through the water system without being precipitated and with no interference. The Water Conditioner core alloy is nonferrous, highly resistant to rusting and corrosion, non-toxic, and ecologically safe.


Filter Features

• Prevents formation of scale and rust.
• Gradually dissolves and remove existing scale and rust.
• Cleans water with fewer suspended solids by means of micronic filters.
• Device does not release any metals into the water.
• Requires no electricity.
• The device functions indefinitely without part replacement.
• Inhibits algae, fungal, and mildew growth.
• No moving parts.
• No chemicals or salt.
• No need to shut down systems for cleaning purposes.
• Save money on water, chemicals, electricity, and maintenance time.
• Reduces system wear; prevention of clogged pipes = higher water pressure and supply level.

How Can It Be Possible To Treat Limescale Without Chemicals?

This is a question that is asked time and time again. This concept that only with the help of chemical substances it is possible to achieve the desired result is deeply rooted in people.

All scale filter operations work in a similar way.

The scaling in our water is formed as a result of the combination of magnesium and calcium in the water.

The purpose of all scale filters is to separate the magnesium from the calcium so that they do not stick to the water heaters that are present in our electrical appliances.

The core of the device produces electric electrons which are flowed into the water.

These electrons actually neutralize the attraction between calcium and magnesium.

With the chemical method, the exact same operation is done.



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