About Us

Blue Gold for Life has a decade of experience in the water treatment system industry. Our product started with reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and most recently we have introduced an incredible line of products that enable the consumer to have healthy drinking water wherever they go, whether it be hiking or camping, to backpacking in the high country, to a safari - these portable products give the consumer the confidence to know they are drinking safe water everywhere.

A unique division of our company is to provide customized water tretament products for the consumer or business who has special water needs. Our experts will put together a system specifically designed for a particular industry that requires special specifications.

You put out so much effort to stay healthy, take your vitamins and watch your diet - exercise, regular physical exams.

Will you let your bad water spoil your efforts? H2O is the essential nutrient of life and without it all beings on earth cannot survive. But our water has been abused throughout the centuries by human neglect and power over the almighty dollar and contamination.

Now is the time to take responsibility for the water you use for drinking, bathing, cooking, laundering, gardening, etc. Our water, unlike what the government leads us to believe is not fit for long term safe consumption. But it is amazing the average consumer believes what they drink out of their tap is very safe.

At Blue Gold for Life, our desire is to educate the consumer to make a wise decision for their water consumption and make affordable purchases for their specific water needs. We offer Water Treatment Systems for all lifestyles: whole house, bathing, travel, office, sports, camping, hiking, biking. We can customize any water treatment system for special needs such as well water, saltwater, highly contaminated water, or extremely hard water. We have the complete solution for your complete water health.

The mission of Blue Gold for Life is two-fold - to educate the consumer about the need for knowing the difference between healthy drinking water and tap water for a better quality of life - and- to help the consumer make a wise purchasing decision for a system to fit their particular need. It is our desire to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers.