Sediment Water Filter Overview

AquaFre's sediment water filter cartridges are industry-standard 10-inch sediment 5-micron water filter cartridges with four layers of filtration. These cartridges are used to effectively remove most sediments and particles. It is perfect for standard reverse osmosis water filtration units or any type of water filtration unit with a 10-inch housing. With a micron rating of 5, it is the second smallest opening preventing most particulates from entering your water system.  

Filter Specifications

Length (Inches) 10"
Diameter (Inches)
Safety Listing ANSI, NSF

Brand AquaFre
Filtering capabilities Sand, Sediment, Rust Particles, Silt, Scale.
Micron Rating 5 Micron
Total Number of Pieces 1
Flow Rate  2.5-5GPM
Filtration Method High-Grade Polypropylene Microfibers
Filter Life  750 gallons or 6 - 12 months (depending on usage and water quality)
Max. Pressure 100 psi
Max. Temperature 4-52℃/39-126℉
Filter uses

Reverse osmosis systems, Tankless water heaters, and more. 

Country of Origin U.S.A.




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