Omnipure Water Filter Overview

The ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements of the food service industry. The ELF (Extra-Large Format) filters have a capacity of up to 20,000 gallons and flow rates of up to 2.0 gal/minute. Engineered as a two-piece system, ELF heads are available with or without an auto shut-off valve. Replacing the filter body is as easy as a twist of the wrist, no tools are needed. The new extended cap version makes the ELF compatible with other existing manifolds on the market. A full array of media and specially designed carbon blocks makes the ELF ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, vending machines, or any point-of-use commercial application. ELF-series comes in a 3.5" diameter, and 10" or 15" lengths.



Filter Specifications

Height (Inches) 12.7"
Diameter (Inches)
3.125" / 2,875"
Safety Listing ANSI, NSF

Brand Omnipure
Filtering capabilities

Lead, cyst, chlorine, taste, color, odor, and VOC reduction with scale/corrosion inhibitor

Micron Rating 1 Micron
Total Number of Pieces 1
Filtration Method Activated coconut shell carbon
Filter Life  2500 Gal (or 6 months)
Max. Pressure 125 PSI
Flow rate 1.67 GPM
Max. Temperature 40-100 F
Filter uses Commercial and residential drinking water systems, pre and post reverse osmosis filtration systems, water coolers, and food service.
Country of Origin U.S.A.



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