Scale Inhibitor Stick Overview

This AquaFre Foodservice Scale Inhibitor is a replaceable scale control cartridge specifically engineered to protect equipment such as ice makers; coffee and vending equipment from scale build-up. Designed to prevent hard scale formation which causes reduced efficiency, increased equipment downtime, and expensive service calls. Its unique design and media blend ensures proper scale control and corrosion protection at both low and higher flow applications.


Filter Features

  • Extends the life of expensive food service equipment
  • Reduces the need for aggressive acid de-scaling
  • Reduces equipment servicing and downtime
  • Specifically designed for advanced scale and corrosion control
  • Economical alternative to expensive filter substitutes
  • NSF and/or FDA CFR 21-compliant materials


Filter Specifications

Length (Inches) 10"
Diameter (Inches)
Safety Listing ANSI, NSF

Brand AquaFre
Filtering capabilities Scale 
Micron Rating 25 Micron
Total Number of Pieces 1
Flow Rate 0.1-6GPM
Filter Life  Inspect or replace every 6 months
Max. Pressure 25-125 psi 
Max. Temperature 35-100°F
Filter uses

Ice makers, coffee and vending equipment 

Country of Origin U.S.A.


Filter Compatibility   

  • Everpure SS-IMF
  • Everpure EV9799-32
  • Everpure SS-10
  • SR-X
  • Everpure EV9798-45
  • EV9799-02 SS-10


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