System Overview

The AquaFre BG-X modular water filter line is a comprehensive water treatment product line designed specifically for the food service industry. It offers a wide range of filters and systems that ensure high-quality water, addressing the concerns and trouble points expressed by customers. Proudly made in the U.S.A., this product line provides peace of mind and a one-stop solution for all your filtration needs.

The AquaFre BG-X modular water filter line offers the highest water filter performance capacities in the food service filtration market. With the ability to replace multiple cartridge systems, it provides a cost-effective solution throughout the supply chain. Whether you need basic sediment reduction or advanced carbon block and resin technologies, this platform covers a full range of food service products.

The manifold design enables customers to revert to their previous cartridge configuration if they are not satisfied with the BG-X systems. This level of flexibility and assurance sets the AquaFre BG-X line apart from other manufacturers.

Moreover, the NSF Certified Legacy platform ensures compatibility and offers replacement filters for all major filter brands, including 3m/Cuno®, Everpure®, and Hoshizaki®. You can trust that the AquaFre BG-X line meets or exceeds OEM performance for flow, filtration, and capacities, providing a reliable solution for your filtration needs.

Choose the AquaFre BG-X modular water filter line and experience superior water quality, easy installation, and cost savings for your establishment.

The 4925 Series

The exceptional 4925 Series Chlorine Reduction Water Filtration System is designed to deliver premium water quality in a variety of applications. With its 4.5x20" size, this system features a high-performance 5-micron carbon block cartridge, effectively reducing chlorine along with other common contaminants such as sediment, taste, and odor. For added benefits, the 4925 Series offers the option to include PO4 filtration, providing efficient scale control.

Ideal for a range of applications, including ice machines, frozen beverage (FCB) systems, coffee machines, whole-house filtration, as well as carbonated and non-carbonated drink applications, the 4925 Series ensures clean and refreshing water at every use. Say goodbye to chlorine's negative impact and enjoy the pure, great-tasting water you deserve. 


BG-X Features

  • Proprietary cartridge-to-head interface with FIRST-IN-CLASS features
  • Patented Bypass Integrity System (BIS) guarantees no unfiltered water in your product
  • Reverse compatibility allows easy upgrades to the newest technology and compatibility with major filter brands
  • Low pressure pushing filter out - Safety built-in
    • No pressurized water rocket on removal
    • No pressure relief is needed to remove the filter
    • Little resistance when re-inserting the filter and removal
  • Vent/Leak Detectors for added convenience
  • Built-in barrel valve prevents accidental water spillage or flooding and reduces water dumping on the floor during installation.
  • Auto-Leveling Technology ensures perfect installation every time
  • Built-in Auto Shut-Off and pressure relief for simple and safe installation and maintenance
  • Modular design for easy customization and expandability
  • High capacity with low-pressure drop configuration
  • Designed to meet the specs of customers like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Pepsi.


System General Specifications

Chlorine reduction per cartridge Up to 250,000+ gallons
Chloramine reduction per cartridge
Up to 25,000+ gallons
Scale reduction media 3-4 times more than leading manufacturers


Comparison Chart

BG-X4925P-B BG-X4925X-B
Cartridge Carbon + Scale Control Carbon
Application Whole-house / Ice machines / Frozen Beverage (FCB) applications / Coffee Machines. Whole-house / Carbonated and Non-Carbonated drink applications.
Micron 5.0M
Flow Rate 5.00 GMP
5.00 GMP
75,000 Gal
75,000 Gal
Reduction of
  • Scale Control
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Taste
  • Odor
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Taste
  • Odor
  • NSF 42 (Chlorine Reduction)
  • NSF 372 (Lead-Free)


  • NSF 42 (Chlorine Reduction)
  • NSF 372 (Lead-Free)


  • Lower maintenance and equipment costs.
  • Carbonation retention
  • Lower labor cost of PM
  • Lower maintenance and equipment costs.
  • Carbonation retention
  • Lower labor cost of PM
Dimensions 4.5 x 20 4.5 x 20
Port Size 1" 1"

Designed for manufacturability

  • All components clip together by hand
  • Systems can be fully assembled and modified/expanded/upgraded in the field.
  • No special tools are required (Simple tools)
  • Systems are easily configured in parallel, serial, or (+) phosphate flow paths.


DBG-X backward compatible with legacy systems

  • A simple change of the outer head assembly from BG-X allows backward compatibility to Everpure, Hoshizaki, 3M Cuno CFS-8000 / 9000 series, and 3M high flow. 
  • Customers can use/return to the legacy system if desired.
  • Peace of mind / Reassurance that they can always revert to the previous filtration platform.


"Build-on-the-wall" Option

  • Lego approach; Build exactly what is needed.
  • Reversible / Same side in / Out flow.
  • Speed change-out from legacy systems.
  • Allows installer to optimize installations.
  • Reduced manifolds cost
  • Built-in level 

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