Countertop Water Filter / Dispenser Overview

Introducing the Brio Moderna Countertop Cooler - a sleek and versatile addition to any space. This compact cooler packs a punch with its 11-inch dispense height, making filling large bottles and pitchers effortless. Equipped with an electronic solenoid valve, this cooler dispenses swiftly, filling cups, bottles, and pitchers twice as fast. With tri-temperature controls, the Moderna Countertop Cooler dispenses hot, cold, or room temperature water on demand. Personalize your hydration experience by presetting your hot and cold dispensing temperatures to create the perfect temperature for you. The bright night light softly illuminates the dispensing area, making it easy to refill in any lighting. The unit easily fits in the 18" space beneath standard wall cabinetry, freeing up space for other appliances and food prep. Changing filters is made easy with the side-access design, and premium filters work together to reduce sediment, chlorine, and other unpleasant tastes and odors, leaving you with pure, great-tasting water. Get your Brio Moderna Countertop Cooler today and elevate your hydration game!



  • 2-stage filtration: eliminates dust, particles, rust, undesirable tastes, odors, colors, and more

  • Large dispense height: 11” height makes filling and refilling larger water bottles and pitchers easier than ever before

  • Fast dispensing: equipped with a larger solenoid valve - fill bottles, cups, and pitchers 2x faster

  • Hot clean: cooler circulates hot water to clean reservoirs and internals at the touch of a button

  • Tri-temperature: dispenses hot, cold, or room temperature water on demand


Water Dispenser Specifications 

Length (Inches) 13.2"
Height (Inches) 17.4"
Width (Inches)
Counter POU
Brand Brio
Filtering capabilities

Sediment, Dirt, Rust, Chlorine, Taste, and Odor

Cleaning System Hot Water Sterilization Function
Water Temp Hot, Room Temp, and Cold
Filtration Method Sediment + Carbon 
Tank Volume Cold: 2.5L | Hot: 4L
Output Cold: 1.2L/M
Power 520W
Method Cold: Compressor. | Hot: Heating Coil
Country of Origin U.S.A.


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