Why Whole House Water Filtration?

by Danny Cohen
Why Whole House Water Filtration?

At Blue Gold for Life, we deal in all sorts of specialty water filtration systems. We deal with reverse osmosis systems, charcoal filters, softeners, and more. We also help with creative solutions for gray water recovery and other ecological goals.

Our clients benefit from professional and specialized advice on how to improve safety and sanitation within the home. We provide these services working with the homeowner, to help protect the quality of drinking water and water for use in gardening, bathing, or anything else.

One of the things that we often recommend is a whole house water filtration system. This leads to all kinds of questions from some customers about the value of filtering all of the water in a home.

The traditional paradigm for some households was to go with a drinking water filtration system that was targeted specifically to a drinking water tap. But there's also a health value to refining and improving the quality of water coming out of the bathroom and kitchen faucets as well. Even outdoor water should really have some filtration in place, ideally. There's a lot of secondary use that supports the idea that whole house water filtration systems can be really effective in improving the quality of life for people living in a home.

First, there's the convenience of being able to get great quality water from any tap. There's also the reduction of items like chlorine in the water for washing and bathing. While chlorine is a cleansing mechanism for municipal water, high levels of it are not really healthy, and can be pretty inconvenient for users.

In addition, whole house water filtration systems cleanse the water of various heavy metals and toxins that you don't really want applied to skin or anything else in your home. Water is something that we use abundantly in many different ways within the building, and so it pays to have the entire building protected by a whole house water filtration system. Want another reason? A whole house water filtration system is simply a classy addition. Suppose you spent $300,000 or more on a house, and you have to tell people which faucets are “clean.” To many of our high-end customers, that sort of thing is just not kosher. It makes sense to invest in water quality, in other words, when you’re investing significantly in a property.

Call us to find out more about these systems – what they look like, what they do and what they should cost. We’ll go through the details and help you to figure out what makes sense for your home. What our customers like is that before, during and after installation- we’re there for you! Go with a local service provider with a track record of great service and community involvement. We’ll stick with you!

by Danny Cohen

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